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With a generous dash of posture, 500 grams of muscle tension, 4 tablespoons of turnout, 2 teaspoons of weight transfer, a clove of placement and a pinch of lengthening, this book contains all the ingredients of classical ballet technique.


An activity book that involves you right from the first lesson, through doing and feeling every movement for yourself. There are no ready meals. Instead, there are kitchen cupboards filled with ingredients you need for preparing and making the best ballet recipes. Once you’ve understood and mastered the ingredients from part 1 of the book, part 2 teaches you how to apply them to the principles of classical ballet technique. And once you’ve discovered this ‘secret’, you’ll be able to improve your ballet technique time after time and get lots of enjoyment and satisfaction from this never-ending voyage of discovery!



“This book has all the ingredients you need for beginning ballet. Ballet Recipes explains classical ballet technique in a clear, fun and visual way. It gives enthusiastic children the chance to immerse themselves in ballet and start for themselves. Informative illustrations and apt metaphors help children to learn everything: from the importance of a good posture to doing spectacular leaps. This book means they don’t have to wait any more for their next ballet class to learn what a ‘grand plié’ or a ‘rond de jambe en l’air’ is – they can do so at home. And even more importantly, the book also teaches them how to do the steps correctly.


I’ve worked a lot with young dancers and I believe that this book can really help children to learn classical ballet technique. And the metaphors used in the book will remain in readers’ minds for years to come.”


Ernst Meisner,

artistic coordinator of the Dutch National Ballet’s Junior Company.

artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet Academy.


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